More men claim sex with Craig

Idaho newspaper says men are offended by the senator's claims that he's "not gay."

By Tim Grieve

Published December 2, 2007 3:38PM (EST)

Just when it seemed that Larry Craig might succeed in fading back into the Senate scenery, the Idaho Statesman leads its Sunday edition with news of two more men who report having had sex with the Republican senator.

The Statesman says the two men -- plus several more who said they've been subject to propositions or "unusual attention" from Craig -- have come forward because they're offended by Craig's denial of his intentions in the Minnesota men's room incident and by his claims that he's "not gay."

Craig's office won't comment on the new allegations.

While the Statesman says the men's charges "can't be disproved," it also acknowledges that their evidence is "not definitive." "There are no videos, no love letters, no voice messages. Like last August, they are he-said, he-said allegations about a man seeking discreet sex from partners whom he counted on to never tell."

Among those alleged partners: Mike Jones, the former prostitute whose allegations against the Rev. Ted Haggard led the Colorado Springs evangelist to admit to "sexual immorality" last year.

Tim Grieve

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