Craig denies new gay sex allegations

New report won't "stop me from continuing my work to serve the people of Idaho."

By Tim Grieve

Published December 3, 2007 1:51PM (EST)

As we noted Sunday, the Idaho Statesman is out with a new round of men who claim that they either have had sex with Republican Sen. Larry Craig or at least were at the receiving end of "unusual attention" from him.

Craig's office declined to comment for the Statesman's story -- the senator from Idaho has refused to respond to questions from reporters at Idaho's largest newspaper since August -- but his office subsequently issued a statement denying the new allegations.

"Like its previous coverage, these latest allegations are completely false and have no basis in reality," Craig says in the statement. "In fact, the paper itself states that these baseless accusations contain no definitive evidence, yet they still decided to print them anyway ... Despite the fact the Idaho Statesman has decided to pursue its own agenda and print these falsehoods without any facts to back them up, I won't let this paper's attempt to malign my name stop me from continuing my work to serve the people of Idaho."

Craig announced earlier this year that he intended to resign from the Senate in the wake of his arrest and his guilty plea to a charge of disorderly conduct in a Minnesota men's room. Although Craig's conviction still stands, he subsequently decided to remain in the Senate.

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