Seven years later, he's still changing the tone

The president laments the "name-calling" in Washington.

By Tim Grieve

Published December 4, 2007 5:11PM (EST)

"The most disappointing thing about Washington has been the name-calling. And, you know, this kind of -- people go out in front of the mikes and they just kind of unleash. And I've tried hard not to do that. I've tried to be respectful to all parties." -- George W. Bush, Dec. 4, 2007.

George W. Bush, June 28, 2006: "There's a group in the opposition party who are willing to retreat before the mission is done. They're willing to wave the white flag of surrender."

George W. Bush, Oct. 3, 2006: "The Democrats are the party of cut and run ... They talk tough on terror, but when the votes are counted, their softer side comes out."

George W. Bush, Nov. 5, 2006: "It's a sad commentary on the Democrat Party that its leaders have resorted to knee-jerk opposition as their guiding principle."

George W. Bush, April 3, 2007: "Democrat leaders in Congress seem more interested in fighting political battles in Washington than in providing our troops what they need to fight the battles in Iraq.

George W. Bush, Nov. 1, 2007: "When it comes to funding our troops, some in Washington should spend more time responding to the warnings of terrorists like Osama bin Laden and the requests of our commanders on the ground, and less time responding to the demands of bloggers and Code Pink protesters."

To be fair, Bush never called his political opponents "opportunists" who peddle "dishonest and reprehensible charges." That was his vice president.

Tim Grieve

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