Janet's got a gun

Huckabee's wife explains why she needs a concealed-weapon permit.

By Tim Grieve

Published December 7, 2007 4:57PM (EST)

When the GOP presidential candidates were asked the other day to describe any guns they own, Mike Huckabee never got a chance to answer. But he has said before that he is proud to own "a variety of firearms," and it turns out that his wife could be packing heat even as we speak.

In an interview with the National Journal, Janet Huckabee says she has a concealed-weapon permit because -- well, because you wouldn't want to be caught with a gun under the seat of your car without one. "If you have one in your vehicle or something and it's under your seat, if you don't have a license you could be in serious trouble," Huckabee explained. "I've traveled across the country with two females. I think it's a dangerous situation that perhaps you could be stranded. There's, to me, nothing wrong with being able to protect yourself."

While Huckabee may be nervous about driving around this great land of ours, she made it clear that she's comfortable with all sorts of weaponry. "I've actually experienced quite a few opportunities with the military," she said. "I've jumped out of an airplane. I've flown in an F-16 with our National Guard. I've landed on an aircraft carrier. I've taken off from an aircraft carrier."

On another subject, Huckabee was just a little less clear. Asked whether she thinks Mormons are Christians, the minister's wife said: "You're going to have to ask them that. I am not the authority on the Mormon religion. I could not possibly answer."

Tim Grieve

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