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Thursday: Catch up with your old friends at "This Old House." Plus: What did you think of Wednesday's "Make Me a Supermodel: Casting Special"?

By Salon Staff
January 3, 2008 4:03PM (UTC)
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With nothing but bowl games and reruns on TV, there's finally time to catch up with your old friends at "This Old House" -- or, rather, the "This Old House Hour" (8 p.m. EST on PBS, check listings), which begins with the same show you remember: sensible, wise men striding purposefully across creaking floors in their sawdust-covered bluejeans, telling you all about how to do stuff that you're sure to bungle anyway. The second half of the show is "Ask This Old House" -- that's where the sorts of people who own table saws call in and ask for advice that's way over your head, rendering you increasingly intimidated, yet oddly inspired to go out and spend hundreds of dollars on nail guns and specialized drills that you'll never use. OK, maybe you should stick with "Project Runway" after all -- tonight, they're making outfits out of chocolate!



The increasingly "ER"-like "Grey's Anatomy" airs its last episode for a while (thanks to the writers' strike) at 9 p.m. EST on ABC, followed by the winter premiere of "ER," ushering forth a new rolling parade of bloody disasters (10 p.m. EST on NBC).


Last night

What did you think of Wednesday's "Make Me a Supermodel: Casting Special"? Go here to discuss.

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Ellen DeGeneres

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Brad Womack, Miss Puerto Rico Ingrid Rivera, Keith Urban (repeat)

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Dominic Monaghan, Jason Randal

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