With the numbers in, Biden and Dodd are out

Bill Richardson says he's in the "final four."

By Tim Grieve
January 4, 2008 10:22AM (UTC)
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With 100 percent of the precincts now reporting, here are the final numbers -- or at least the final percentages -- for Democrats in Iowa:

Barack Obama: 38 percent.

John Edwards: 30 percent.

Hillary Clinton: 29 percent.

Bill Richardson: 2 percent.

Joe Biden: 1 percent.


Chris Dodd: 0 percent.

Dennis Kucinich: 0 percent.

Mike Gravel: 0 percent.

We've reported tonight on the reactions from the front-runners. As for the rest of the pack? Biden and Dodd are dropping out of the race. MSNBC reported earlier tonight that Gravel is dropping out, but Gravel's campaign says that it's not so. In a written statement, Richardson skips right over the fact that he's 30 points behind the three front-runners to declare himself part of the "final four."


They're still counting votes on the Republican side, but the outcome seems clear: Mike Huckabee will win with something like 34 percent of the vote, and Mitt Romney will take second with about 25 percent. Fred Thompson and John McCain are roughly tied for third at 13 percent. Ron Paul is next at 10 percent, more than double the 4 percent Rudy Giuliani is getting. Duncan Hunter brings up the rear at 1 percent. But Hunter didn't put much effort into Iowa, and in a Republican race that still seems wide open, he's not about to go away just yet.

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