Made in China: The Bible

One out of every 138 humans on the planet is a Chinese blogger, and other fun facts from the Middle Kingdom.

By Andrew Leonard
January 7, 2008 9:34PM (UTC)
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"The aircraft hangar-sized plant on an industrial park outside the eastern city of Nanjing will be capable of producing more than one Bible every second and is expected to supply one quarter of all the world's Bibles by 2009."

  • Chinese automobile sales grew by 20 percent in 2007, to 8.7 million units, making it the second largest car market in the world, reports Xinhua. Meanwhile:

"Battered by rocketing oil prices and economic recession, depression loomed over the European, American and Japanese auto markets. In the first three quarters [of 2007], the European auto market only saw a modest 0.7 percent annual growth while Japan dropped back to the level of 30 years ago."

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