Study: College girls boozier and sluttier than ever

Researchers hit the party scene armed with notebooks and Breathalyzers -- their findings are "sobering."

By Tracy Clark-Flory

Published January 8, 2008 12:10AM (EST)

A new study claims that partying college girls are drinking more and wearing less in what amounts to a "daringly permissive atmosphere," reports ABC News. Researchers in Southern California hit fraternity row, house parties and local pubs armed with notepads and Breathalyzers. They successfully infiltrated 66 college parties, surveyed dozens of students and found, shockingly, that 45 percent of partiers were there to have fun. Yes, fun. What's more, 40 percent were there to get drunk and 21 percent were there to get laid. It just shakes you to the core, doesn't it?

As for their observations of young women's disappearing clothes, researcher and recent graduate Megan Holmes said: "Most shocking to me was that women at themed parties kept dressing less and less. When I was in college there were themed parties, but I never saw girls just wearing lingerie or just a bra and panties, and that was pretty common at the themed parties I saw." Lead researcher John Clapp added that theme parties were one of the few cases where women outdrank the men. "We're not exactly sure why. It could have something to do with the fact that they aren't dressed," he said. "There's a direct inverse relationship between how revealing their theme is and how drunk they get."

Peter True, a Boston University senior and full-time bro, helpfully offered: "They have to be that faded to go out wearing those ridiculous clothes, I'm 100 percent sure." Make no mistake, though, says True: On the whole, guys are getting just as hammered as girls. "I think guys can at least on the whole hold more alcohol," he said. "But in terms of how drunk you're getting I'd say it's about even; you see a wrecked girl throwing up in [the] street and a bro passed out on the couch pretty equally."

Dude, that's like totally equal opportunity inebriation.

Tracy Clark-Flory

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