Romney leads McCain in early returns

And if it's a GOP primary, it must be on Fox.

By Tim Grieve
January 16, 2008 6:30AM (UTC)
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With the Michigan primaries being such a GOP-focused affair, it's probably no huge surprise that the network offering the most coverage so far is Fox. CNN is cutting away to Wolf Blitzer and election results only sporadically so far, and MSNBC is running an all-purpose version of "Countdown With Keith Olbermann."

Fox, on the other hand, seems to have its whole "You Decide '08" team at work on wall-to-wall coverage, the walls in question mostly being those at the would-be victory party for Mitt Romney in Southfield, Mich.


The results so far? With 5 percent of the precincts reporting, Romney leads with 36 percent, followed by John McCain at 31 percent, Mike Huckabee at 17 percent, Ron Paul at 6 percent, Fred Thompson at 4 percent and Rudy Giuliani at 3 percent.

On the Democratic side, Hillary Clinton has 63 percent of the vote, while "Uncomitted" gets 32 percent. Dennis Kucinich has 4 percent, and Mike Gravel has 1 percent.

The newsiest nugget so far from a Fox team that seems pretty bored by it all: While Romney himself has avoided saying that he needs to win in Michigan to keep going, a campaign insider is saying -- now that things are looking pretty good for the candidate there -- that if he'd lost, the loss would have been a death blow.

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