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A conservative commentator says there's "one clear winner" in the Republicans' stutter-start primary: "the GOP itself."

By Tim Grieve
January 17, 2008 3:18AM (UTC)
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The Atlantic's Marc Ambinder cites the dominant media story line on the GOP just now -- "four primaries and three winners have exposed ... a Republican party that is listless, demoralized and casting about for unity" -- and notes that "there aren't many Republicans who would disagree."

We've found one.


National Review editor-at-large John O'Sullivan says there has been "one clear winner" in the Republicans' stutter-start primaries: "the GOP itself."

"Contrary to all expectations, the Republican race is exciting," O'Sullivan writes. "No candidate has proved to be a complete dud. All have shone for their moment in the sun. And so far, all have fought tough but fair in a series of good-humored debates. I suspect the voters are beginning to like them.

"The bitter internecine crack-up that every political columnist has predicted has occurred all right --- not in conservatism where they've been looking for it but in the Democratic Party, which was supposed to be coasting to triumph. Hillary and Obama drew back from the abyss last night. But they were tense under the courtesies. They looked like a couple who have said unforgivable things to each other but who are staying together for the sake of the voters. A great soap opera is beginning to unroll. Take out your handkerchiefs. Hillary will not be the only weeper in this one."

Tim Grieve

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