A sad King birthday in San Francisco

More on the murder of Terrell Rogers.

By Joan Walsh

Published January 16, 2008 12:27AM (EST)

There are still no definitive details about the murder of Terrell Rogers outside a Sacred Heart Cathedral Preparatory girls' basketball game Saturday night. Police and the Rogers family say it could have had something to do with his work as a community mediator with the Peacekeepers group; there's consensus he was deliberately targeted. He was mourned at a Sacred Heart liturgy today on the occasion of Martin Luther King Jr.'s birthday.

In the letters thread on my last post, a reader pointed out that there's a memorial fund for Rogers, and I confirmed that with Hunters Point Family director Takai Tyler. She thanked Salon readers for their interest, and asked that people make checks out to GIRLS 2000 (write Terrell Rogers Memorial Fund on the memo line), and they can make the donation at any Wells Fargo Bank, or send a check to GIRLS 2000 (Peacekeepers' parent agency), at 763 Jerrold Avenue, San Francisco, CA 94124.

In the video below I talk about some of the questions I raised in my post yesterday. And below that, there's some footage of Tierra Rogers, Terrell's daughter, and the fantastic SHCP girls' team when they won the state championship last year. (This year they're ranked No. 1 in the nation.)

Joan Walsh

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