Kucinich announces he's "transitioning out of" presidential race

The Ohio congressman tells a local paper that he'll hold a news conference Friday to discuss his plans.

By Alex Koppelman
January 25, 2008 4:22AM (UTC)
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Well, it had to happen sometime: Ohio Rep. Dennis Kucinich seems ready to put an end to his second straight long-shot bid for the Democratic presidential nomination. In a meeting with staff from the Cleveland Plain Dealer, Kucinich said he'll be holding a press conference on Friday, at which he will announce, he said, "that I am transitioning out of the presidential campaign." He also said that he'll be delivering "a rather lengthy statement."

Kucinich will continue to run for reelection to his congressional seat, however, though he faces four primary challengers from his own party. He declined to say whether he'll endorse any of the other candidates still in the presidential race. Video of some of his remarks is below.


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