Tossing (in) the old pigskin

On the day of their boss's most important primary contest, Rudy Giuliani's advisors find time for some football.

By Alex Koppelman
January 30, 2008 2:10AM (UTC)
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New York Observer

Giuliani advisors playing football

A sign that, perhaps, they've thrown in the proverbial towel? The Politicker, a blog from the New York Observer, provides the above photo of some of Rudy Giuliani's top advisors -- plus his big celebrity endorser, Jon Voight -- tossing around a Nerf ball outside a Giuliani campaign headquarters in Florida on Tuesday. Members of the Giuliani security team had to call them back to the bus to go on to the next event, the Politicker says.


Of course, today's primary in Florida is vital for Giuliani's presidential ambitions. In a bold (and, in hindsight, probably misguided) strategy, the Giuliani campaign forwent the early primaries and caucuses to focus on Florida and the Super Tuesday states, and the poor showing Giuliani looks to have tonight might well put an end to his run. Heck, at this point we'd probably resort to playing a little football too, but Giuliani's advisors might want to remember that it didn't do much for poor George Allen.

(By the way, I'd normally refrain from stepping on my own joke, but not in the service of self-/Salon-promotion, so I should take this opportunity to mention that I'll be here all night blogging the results from and coverage of the Florida primary. Be sure to stop by if you're looking for information on that.)

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