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Joe Lieberman on why people oppose him and his preferred presidential candidate, John McCain.

By Alex Koppelman
January 30, 2008 1:19AM (UTC)
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"I fear that some folks in the Republican Party in some ways are opposing John for the same reason that a lot of Democrats opposed me and defeated me for renomination in Connecticut in '06. If you don't agree with people on every issue, they're going to put you out. ... I'd say it's an odd position for me as an independent Democrat to be giving counsel to Republicans. But look at the polls. John McCain is the only Republican who can defeat the Democratic candidates in November. And that ought to count for something. ... And, you know, what are the consequences going to be? I don't know. I've reached the stage in my career and I feel very grateful to the people in Connecticut, in November who elected me across party lines, that I'm just going to do what I think is right for our country and not worry about the political consequences going forward."

That's Connecticut Sen. Joe Lieberman, speaking with MSNBC's Tucker Carlson on Tuesday.

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