Clinton makes her Florida victory speech

It's questionable whether Hillary Clinton's win in Florida will matter for anything other than PR, but in her speech she emphasized that she wants it to.

By Alex Koppelman
January 30, 2008 7:06AM (UTC)
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As promised, shortly after polls closed in Florida, Hillary Clinton gave a victory speech of sorts. Technically, since by Democratic Party rules the state's delegates won't be counted and all the candidates signed a pledge not to campaign there, she was really just there to thank her supporters. But really, this was a chance for Clinton to bask in the glow of victory after her lopsided defeat at the hands of Barack Obama in South Carolina this past weekend, and an opportunity for the Clinton campaign to continue their push to get delegates from Michigan and Florida seated at the party convention this summer.

"This has been a record turnout because Floridians wanted their voices to be heard on the great issues that affect our country and the world," Clinton said. "I am thrilled to have had this vote of confidence that you have given me today, and I promise you I will do everything I can to make sure not only are Florida's Democratic delegates seated but Florida is in the winning column for the Democrats in 2008."


In explicitly thanking her supporters, Clinton was careful to emphasize that they had been operating separately from the campaign, as per the terms of the pledge. "I am so grateful to the countless Floridians who -- on their own -- organized, worked hard, talked to your friends and your neighbors," she said, careful to stress that "on their own" part. "You made a very big difference and we know that as we move forward in this campaign, all of your voices will go with me."

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