Florida polls close

The primary is over; Republican race is too close to call, but Hillary Clinton takes the Democratic side, for whatever it's worth.

By Salon Staff
January 30, 2008 6:10AM (UTC)
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Well, the polls have now officially closed in all of Florida, but we don't know much more than we did before. The race on the Republican side is still too close to call, with Ariz. Sen. John McCain and former Mass. Gov. Mitt Romney fighting for first. On the Democratic side, no surprise, all the networks have called the race for N.Y. Sen. Hillary Clinton, though -- because of Democratic Party sanctions against the state -- she won't receive any delegates for her win.

We did notice something interesting as the networks made their calls on the Democratic side; both CNN and Fox News gave Clinton the ritual check mark and both are continuing to show the results from the Democratic race. On MSNBC, however, a network known as a hotbed for people who, like Chris Matthews, are no fans of Clinton, they've been debating whether they should even call today's vote a primary for the Democrats. Plus, we never saw them give Clinton the check mark, and they've stopped showing the Democratic results.

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