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Thursday: The wait is over! The fourth season of "Lost" premieres tonight. Will the castaways be rescued?

By Salon Staff
January 31, 2008 4:00PM (UTC)
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The wait is over! The fourth season of "Lost" premieres tonight (9 p.m. EST on ABC, after a clip-show recap of Season 3 at 8 p.m. EST), and supposedly those sad, scrappy castaways are finally going to get rescued! Too bad we already know that Jack (Matthew Fox) will be even more miserable than he was on the island, thanks to that very dark flash-forward at the end of the third season. Couldn't they just let us enjoy the moment without worrying about what happens next, for once? No, this is "Lost," remember? Those without a taste for endless suspense, loose threads and unrelenting darkness should flip over to "Celebrity Apprentice" (9 p.m. EST on NBC) to watch Omarosa flirt with Lennox Lewis.



On "Smash Lab" (8 p.m. EST on Discovery), engineers experiment by putting giant airbags on the fronts of trains to prevent railroad-crossing-accident deaths. Husband-and-wife pair Jake and Amy show up for therapy on the nightly drama "In Treatment" (9:30 p.m. EST on HBO). Jonny Lee Miller plays a lawyer with visions of George Michael in ABC's new drama series "Eli Stone" (premieres at 10 p.m. EST), while group therapy begins on "Celebrity Rehab With Dr. Drew" (10 p.m. EST on VH1), the models get naked (yet again) on "Make Me a Supermodel" (10 p.m. EST on Bravo) and "American Idol" contestant Chris Daughtry performs on "Soundstage" (10 p.m. EST on PBS, check listings).


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