How Norway coddles its bikers

These Vikings should be ashamed of themselves. Everyone knows hill climbing builds character

Published January 31, 2008 11:36PM (EST)

Ski lifts? For bicycles? For shame.

From the Frequently Asked Question file for the "Trampe" bicycle lift that carries some 20-30,000 cyclists a year up the steep Brubakken hill in Trondheim, Norway:

2. Don't people need the exercise?

People using the bicycle as a means of transport do not necessarily want to get very warm and sweaty. And taking on the bicycle will keep them in better shape regardless.

What would Lance think? Or would he just nod his head?

"Without question, increasing the use of bicycles in heavily populated areas will have a positive effect on the environment, meaning a better standard of life, for everyone."

O.K. Perhaps a few of these gizmos in San Francisco would be a blessing unto the people.

All the rest of your Trampe bicycle-lift related questions can be answered here.

By Andrew Leonard

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