We will (sort of) rock you

What happens when pop gets a politician's rebranding? Members of Salon's community, Table Talk, take a shot at the answer this week.

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February 1, 2008 11:20PM (UTC)

Private Life

Joe Lieberman's Top 40

Lando -- 06:24 pm Pacific Time -- Jan 24, 2008

It's a puzzle game. Interpret the Joe Liebermanized song title. First one to get the right answer gets the next turn.

Wait, you say? What's a Joe Liebermanized song title? I'm so glad you asked.


"During a hearing this morning on C-SPAN, Senator Joe Lieberman three times referred to that Bob Dylan song 'The Times Are Constantly Changing.'

I just love to see a doofus doofing."

Go forth and Liebermanize.

Lando -- 06:25 pm Pacific Time -- Jan 24, 2008 -- #1 of 1170


We Will Cause You to Sway Forward and Backward (Or, possibly, from side to side in the manner of a pendulum.) ["We Will Rock You"]

Thryn -- 06:40 pm Pacific Time -- Jan 24, 2008 -- #6 of 1170

Saturday is an appropriate time for a conflict event, especially during the evening hours. ["Saturday Night's Alright for Fighting"]


Annie O'Reilly -- 06:52 pm Pacific Time -- Jan 24, 2008 -- #17 of 1170

These Bactrian Characteristics That Belong to Me ["My Humps"]

la maga -- 07:00 pm Pacific Time -- Jan 24, 2008 -- #23 of 1171

First-Rate Aberration ["Super Freak"]

Raspberry -- 07:21 pm Pacific Time -- Jan 24, 2008 -- #39 of 1171


Tree Product From a Scandinavian Country ["Norwegian Wood"]

Tessie -- 07:35 pm Pacific Time -- Jan 24, 2008 -- #42 of 1171

Prior to an Episode Wherein He Engages in Furtive Relations of a Sexual Nature Outside the Context of a Committed Romantic Relationship ["Before He Cheats"]


Lando -- 07:48 pm Pacific Time -- Jan 24, 2008 -- #46 of 1171

To our very great surprise, Dante was incorrect and you can find God's Kingdom somewhere just below the turn indicator and slightly to the left of the center console. ["Paradise by the Dashboard Light"]

Sir Realist -- 09:37 am Pacific Time -- Jan 25, 2008 -- #265 of 1173


An additional compressed, fired building block added to a vertical dividing structure ["Another Brick in the Wall"]

Nicola O. -- 01:05 pm Pacific Time -- Jan 25, 2008 -- #476 of 1173

Become Pugilistic Regarding One's Just Claim to Indulging Oneself Pleasurably Without Restraint ["Fight for Your Right to Party"]

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