"Islamist extremists ... don't distinguish between Democrats and Republicans"

"Independent Democrat" Sen. Joe Lieberman makes yet another pitch for his favored candidate, Republican Sen. John McCain.

Published February 4, 2008 2:52PM (EST)

We already knew that the Senate's only "Independent Democrat," Joe Lieberman, feels some kinship with his colleague across the aisle, Sen. John McCain, supposedly because of the way they both have been treated by members of their own parties. And we already knew that Lieberman was working hard on McCain's behalf, that rumors have been flying of a McCain/Lieberman presidential ticket -- Lieberman has denied any interest -- and even of a Secretary of State Lieberman in a McCain administration.

But on Sunday, Lieberman rubbed his Democratic colleagues' noses in it further, penning an Op-Ed in Sen. Hillary Clinton's own state about his support for McCain. In the New York Post, Lieberman wrote:

"In this election, we are not just choosing our next president. We are also choosing our commander-in-chief -- the person whose responsibility will be to defend our nation at a time of war.

"And have no doubt: We are at war ...

"From the moment the next president steps into the Oval Office, he or she will face life-and-death decisions in this war. That is why we need a president who is going to be ready to be commander-in-chief from day one -- a president who won't need on-the-job training.

"And that is why I have decided to cross party lines to endorse Sen. John McCain for president.

"I know that it is unusual for someone like me -- an Independent Democrat -- to support a Republican candidate for president. But the dangers we face as a nation are too profound, and the challenges we face too real, for us to let partisan politics decide who we will support.

"After all, the Islamist extremists we are fighting in this war don't distinguish between Democrats and Republicans. They want to kill all of us, because we are all Americans."

By Alex Koppelman

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