Hillary Clinton's Web 2.0 presidency

In a San Francisco appearance, Bill Clinton talks about the need for blogs at all levels of government.

Published February 5, 2008 3:39AM (EST)

On the eve of Super Tuesday, minutes before Sen. Hillary Clinton's "Voices Across America National Town Hall" was broadcast on the Hallmark Channel, President Bill Clinton spoke before a modest crowd at San Francisco's Ferry Building. He started by touching on the Clinton campaign's energy plan, noting that it was largely informed by prominent Northern Californian experts on energy and the environment. But, ultimately, it seemed the Bay Area's technological roots were in his sights as he announced Hillary Clinton's plan for a Web 2.0 presidency.

"I think she's the only candidate who has said that if she is elected president she will make sure the White House, and every government department, and every important agency, will have its own blog site," Clinton said. He described the network of governmental blogs as a way to give "the most transparent real-time reaction to people who want to know what the heck is going on in their government."

As Clinton wrapped his 20-minute-long speech, he circled back to the blog plan and predicted that it would have "some surprisingly positive impacts on public performance within the first year of the next administration." He drove home the importance of the Web in the Clinton campaign -- and elicited a couple of stifled laughs from the audience -- by suggesting that if audience members took a photo of the event and then later posted it on MySpace or Facebook they could "perhaps change the course of human history."

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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