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Published February 8, 2008 10:55AM (EST)

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Super Tuesday and all it entails

jjames -- 07:08 pm Pacific Time -- Feb 4, 2008 -- #13 of 97

Well, I voted today. I'm on the permanent absentee list. Had to find trusted sources to figure out how to vote on initiatives and local propositions. I saw in the paper a day or two ago that fewer than half of the folks who'd received absentee ballots in California had returned them yet.

The whole thing makes the picture ID idea just seem ridiculous.

Kalifornya's running about even right now. The game plan is to try and go for the extra delegates in counties that have odd numbers of them. F'r instance our county has five delegates and since you can't split a delegate the idea is to get three and not just two.

Susie Dow -- 10:07 pm Pacific Time -- Feb 4, 2008 -- #14 of 97

Edwards supporter here. I still haven't decided who to vote for. I change my mind hourly, which is why I didn't vote absentee. I wanted to keep my options on the table to the very last moment. Ugh.

Jo M -- 08:40 am Pacific Time -- Feb 5, 2008 -- #18 of 97

I just came back from voting. My polling place is literally across the street in a church. In the end, I had no doubts. I voted for my candidate -- I stopped trying to psych out who has a better chance against McCain, who will be more readily attacked by the right, etc. For the first time in my life, I voted for the person I thought was most qualified to be President of the United States and it is a woman. It is an amazingly wonderful feeling. I am sure those who decided that the best person for them is a man of color have that feeling too. 2008 is truly a landmark year.

Chronica -- 01:17 pm Pacific Time -- Feb 5, 2008 -- #26 of 97

Half asleep this morning, I felt so thrilled at the high likelihood of our next competent, intelligent, talented president being a woman or a young black man.

Susie Dow -- 08:10 am Pacific Time -- Feb 6, 2008 -- #72 of 97

I cast my vote. And continued to change my mind even after I left the poll.

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