Which Democrat can beat McCain?

A look at how Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama stack up against the likely GOP nominee.

Published February 9, 2008 1:00AM (EST)

Halfway through the Democratic presidential primary season, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton are essentially tied. Super Tuesday didn't decide the race, but there was one big development this week: the departure of Mitt Romney, leaving John McCain the almost certain nominee. (Mitt's final graceless act: attributing his backing out to his worry that a long GOP primary fight could enable Democrats to win and "surrender" to "terrorists.")

I break down each candidate's strengths against McCain in the video below. The only thing I think is clear: If the election is about change, either Clinton or Obama defeat the 100-year-war candidate easily in November -- as long as instigators on both sides can ease up on the ugly, divisive rhetoric. (Subscribe to Salon's daily video podcasts through iTunes and RSS).

By Joan Walsh

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