Hilary Clinton's photo album

Clinton thanks her supporters with a warm note and a photo album commemorating the campaign and their notes of support.

Published February 12, 2008 11:26PM (EST)

Sometimes we wonder what campaign staffers are thinking. This is one of those times. A couple of colleagues (neither of whom have donated) passed along an e-mail they received from Hillary Clinton's campaign today. With the subject line "You Touched My Heart," the e-mail is a letter from Clinton thanking supporters for their contributions to her campaign over the past week and directing them to a "photo album" showing images from the campaign and some messages of support from donors. (We especially like the one about giving up dinner for Valentine's Day in order to give the money to Clinton instead.) This pitch is, we have to say, one of the cornier things we've seen during this campaign so far. Then again, at least it's not ""Rock Around Barack."

Images of the e-mail, the cover of the photo album and the note about Valentine's Day from the album follow after the fold.

By Alex Koppelman

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