Roundup: Lifesaving fake breasts and more

Including a pre-Valentine's Day ban on the color red in Saudi Arabia.

Published February 13, 2008 1:05AM (EST)

Stop the silencing of Iranian women. Human Rights First is campaigning to reverse the official order for "Zanan" -- Iran's feminist-minded women's magazine -- to close. Click here to give President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad a piece of your mind.

Unwanted pregnancies are not "awesome." That's the declaration Laura Sessions Stepp makes in her latest piece for the Washington Post. For once, we agree -- although when she questions how "we slow the growth of unwanted pregnancies," I can't help worrying about how her answer plays into her usual "girls as sexual gatekeepers" agenda.

These fake breasts could save your life. Meet Dr. Carla Pugh, a surgeon at the Northwestern University medical school. For the past decade, she's built affordable lifelike breasts, vaginas and scrotums for med students to practice the most intimate of examinations and get over any squeamishness they may have. Rock on, Dr. Pugh.

Skip the Speedo, please. A colleague currently on the swimsuit beat pointed us in the direction of a new survey of men's and women's taste in beachwear. The vast majority of American men surveyed said they prefer wearing a swimsuit offering modest coverage; women, it turns out, also prefer that men cover up. But most men prefer that women wear a skimpy suit. This also just in: The sky is blue.

No red roses, red hearts or red anything. Saudi Arabia has banned the sale of red items in the days leading up to Valentine's Day as a way of protesting the commercialism sinfulness of the holiday. Red roses are now being sold on the black market at exorbitant prices; perhaps that will dull the pain of shelling out $70 for a dozen roses on the 14th.

By Tracy Clark-Flory

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