Dodd endorses Obama

The senator and former presidential candidate had held off making his preference public, but he announced it at a press conference Tuesday.

By Alex Koppelman
Published February 26, 2008 3:24PM (EST)

Chris Dodd didn't make it very far in the Democratic primaries this year, but now he's endorsing someone who has: Barack Obama. Dodd -- who, at the beginning of this month, scheduled a press conference to announce a nonendorsement -- was scheduled to endorse Obama at a press availability in Ohio Tuesday morning.

Now, as we've mentioned before, the actual value of endorsements in this post-machine era of politics is dubious. Ironically, as the Hartford Courant notes, Dodd himself is aware of that. He has previously said, "People are smart enough. They can make their own choice ... And I've never been quite convinced that endorsements mean much anyway, and the assumption that I stand for somebody causes a great number of people to otherwise change their mind I think is terribly presumptuous."

Alex Koppelman

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