Obama: "We're on the same team"

At a press conference, Barack Obama calls for a cool-down in the rhetoric between his campaign and Hillary Clinton's.

By Alex Koppelman
Published February 26, 2008 6:12PM (EST)

After a contentious day in the Democratic presidential campaign Monday, Barack Obama has called for some calm. Speaking at a press conference where he was picking up the endorsement of Sen. Chris Dodd on Tuesday, Obama said, according to the Los Angeles Times, "It is important for me as well as Sen. Clinton to communicate to our staffs as well that ... we're both trying out for quarterback, but we're on the same team ... I think things have gotten a little hotter over the last couple of days, but these things have gone, sort of, in ebbs and flows."

Obama was asked about Monday's controversy over a photo showing him in traditional Somali dress that was allegedly being circulated by staffers on Hillary Clinton's campaign. "At this stage of the campaign, there are going to be dust-ups, particularly at the staff level," Obama responded. "Certainly I don't think that photograph was circulated to enhance my candidacy. I think that's fair to say. Do I think it's reflective of Sen. Clinton's approach to campaigning? Probably not."

Alex Koppelman

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