Rove for Romney?

Conservative journalist Robert Novak says Karl Rove wants to see a McCain-Romney ticket, but that some Romney supporters believe McCain's already promised the spot to someone else.

By Alex Koppelman
Published March 3, 2008 6:59PM (EST)

In his column Sunday, conservative journalist Robert Novak had a couple of tidbits of interest about the competition for the Republican vice-presidential slot.

First off, Novak said that former Bush aide Karl Rove wants to see a "harmony ticket," with John McCain at the top and formerly bitter rival Mitt Romney as his veep pick. (As most people reading this will presumably know, Rove has been a source for Novak before, so we assume Novak made this assertion with solid factual backing.)

There might be a problem with that idea, though, according to Novak. He reports that "close supporters" of Romney's, apparently angered by their loss to McCain in Florida's primary, are floating a rumor that McCain secured the endorsement of that state's Republican governor, Charlie Crist, by promising him the vice-presidential nod.

Alex Koppelman

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