Jay-Z records robocall for Obama

The rapper and businessman delivers a message exhorting Ohio voters to turn out Tuesday.

By Alex Koppelman
Published March 4, 2008 8:32PM (EST)

Via the New York Observer's Politicker blog, I saw that SOHH.com's HipHop4Prez blog has posted a recording of a robocall rapper and businessman Jay-Z recorded on behalf of Barack Obama's campaign. This is actually a sad situation for me: It's probably the only time I, a big Jay-Z fan, would ever get to quote one of his lyrics in War Room, and yet I'm stuck without ideas for a suitable reference. Actually, it's almost like I've got 99 problems, and -- I'll just stop there.

Anyway, on to the call itself: In the message, which went out to Ohioans on Monday, Jay-Z tells listeners, "Hey -- this is Jay-Z, calling on behalf of Sen. Barack Obama's campaign, urging you to vote tomorrow. Bring your friends and families, make sure your voices are heard for change. It's time for change, it's time for Barack Obama." After that, the message is actually pretty useful, as Jay passes on voting information including poll opening and closing times and identification requirements. You can listen to the full call below (sorry about the tags for SOHH.com that bookend the audio, they're embedded).


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