MoveOn launches celeb-studded competition for Obama ad

The influential liberal group, which endorsed Barack Obama earlier this year, has made an open call for entries.

Published March 13, 2008 11:50PM (EDT)

Who needs Samantha Power when you've got Eddie Vedder, Ben Affleck and Moby? Those three are just a few of the cast of celebrities the liberal advocacy group assembled as a panel of judges for its new "Obama in 30 Seconds" competition. The contest, reminiscent of MoveOn's 2004 anti-Bush ad contest, asks amateur and professional filmmakers to submit pro-Barack Obama campaign advertisements in the hopes of receiving a $20,000 gift certificate and having their ad aired nationally. MoveOn endorsed Obama in February.

In 2004, MoveOn was accused of hate speech for posting user submissions that compared President Bush to Hitler. Its rules this time around explicitly forbid personal attacks and even specify that ads "should not talk about or specifically reference Hillary Clinton or any other Democratic candidate."

Other contest judges include Steve Buscemi, Jesse Jackson and Oliver Stone.

Here's the promotional video for the contest:

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