Clinton, Obama talk peace

Meeting briefly on the floor of the Senate, the candidates agree that their supporters have gotten out of hand recently.

By Alex Koppelman
Published March 14, 2008 8:45PM (EDT)

There was an interesting moment on the Senate floor Thursday: Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama sitting down for what seemed to be -- seriously -- a friendly conversation that lasted about three minutes, according to witnesses.

On Friday, the Associated Press shed some light on what was said by the two presidential candidates. Clinton and Obama, the AP reports, agreed that they "sometimes disagree with their trash-talking supporters and will try to cool it."

Clinton spokesman Phil Singer told the AP, "They approached one another and spoke about how supporters for both campaigns have said things they reject. They agreed that the contrasts between their respective records, qualifications and issues should be what drives this campaign, and nothing else."

An unnamed Obama advisor or advisors described the conversation similarly to both the AP and the Politico's Ben Smith, emphasizing in each case that it was Obama who had initiated the discussion.

Alex Koppelman

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