News roundup: Girly drinks and peeping toms

Two vodkas marketed to women, and only one of them has to do with "Sex and the City." Plus: Beware of cellphones in Oklahoma.

By Molly Eichel
Published March 18, 2008 12:05AM (EDT)

Knock 'em back, ladies: A Russian vodka is being marketed specifically for the modern girl on the go. But psychologists wary of Damaskay, or "Ladies" vodka, are saying that female alcoholics are a big enough problem in Russia without gender-geared marketing. Meanwhile, Carrie Bradshaw and Skyy vodka, the "official spirit" of the upcoming "Sex and the City" movie, disagree: "Among the tie-ins are drinks made with Skyy to be served at Houlihan's restaurants and named after characters like Carrie, Samantha and Mr. Big." Mmm, nothing says classy like theme cocktails at Houlihan's.

Scary stuff: Women in Australia who sought help for conditions such as bipolar disorder, anorexia and depression were treated with Bibles and exorcisms by the Mercy Ministries, which, as the article reports, is largely funded by a gourmet coffee manufacturer. While there is no treatment directly referred to as exorcism, an expelled Ministry woman said that one therapy involved standing in front of two counselors as they prayed and spoke in tongues.

Score one for the pervs: An Oklahoma man was let off the hook for sticking his camera under the skirt of a 16-year-old because his victim made the mistake of being in public. Apparently, peeping tom laws there only apply in the privacy of one's home. I think Oklahoma needs a little take back the miniskirt action.

Molly Eichel

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