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A conservative scholar questions House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's motivations in the Iraq debate.

By Alex Koppelman
March 19, 2008 12:56AM (UTC)
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Here at Salon, we get a lot of P.R. e-mails. In particular, many of them come from the communications director for CNSNews.com, the Web site of Cybercast News Service, a conservative outlet run by the Media Research Center's Brent Bozell. (It used to be known just as the Conservative News Service.) So while it's not as if we don't pay attention to those e-mails, it does take a special subject line to make us really sit up and take notice. Say, a subject line like "Pelosi 'Worst Kind of Liberal Racist,' Iraq Expert Says."

Naturally, we couldn't help clicking. And that brought us to the article that contained today's quote of the day, one Michael Rubin, a resident fellow at the American Enterprise Institute, gave to CNSNews.com:

I used to give Nancy Pelosi benefit of the doubt, but I don't think she'll be happy until we have a Rwanda-like genocide. Pelosi is perhaps the worst example of a liberal racist: She sees Iraqis as nothing more than a template upon which to fight a partisan battle. It really is disgraceful.

Later in the article, another AEI resident fellow, Thomas Donnelly, says, "Clearly, there is no measure of success in Iraq that could satisfy her [Pelosi] or others who have invested so much political capital in the narrative of the 'Lost War.'"

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