YouTube Awards: "Chocolate Rain," and a happy kid

Like "America's Funniest Home Videos," but with computers.

By Farhad Manjoo
March 21, 2008 11:59PM (UTC)
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According to YouTube viewers, the following clip is the most "adorable" video submitted to the site in 2007, one of several first-place winners in the YouTube Video Awards:

I don't know what the 'Tubers are thinking. Sure, the kid's got charm, but isn't it sickening and sad how much the dad's getting into it? Flip camcorder, look what you've wrought!


The winner in the Instructional category:

Because knowing how to line up colored squares on a toy cube will sure come in handy during the credit crunch.


I bet you didn't know that this dude, Tay Zonday, is also brilliant.


This is getting ridiculous.



It's a "sport" because....?

You know, I didn't set out to sound so dyspeptic about these clips. But honestly, YouTube is bulging with stuff better than this (save Tay Zonday; he may best everyone). I guess this is what "lowest common denominator" refers to -- this is the only sort of stuff we can all agree to like.


But there is one clip here that's indisputably fantastic. It wins the Eyewitness category, but it really should top the Awesome category, too. "Battle at Kruger":

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