A big lead for Obama in new Gallup poll

Did sniper fire extinguish the Wright controversy? Gallup's latest tracking poll suggests so

By Andrew Leonard
Published March 28, 2008 5:50PM (EDT)

National tracking polls that are updated daily aren't the sternest stuff to hang a presidential campaign's future on, but the latest numbers from Gallup are hard to ignore. Today's report shows Obama with a 50 to 42 percent lead over Clinton. That is not only his best performance since the Wright controversy blew up but also ties his biggest lead ever in the Gallup poll daily tracking program.

The trend line: Tuesday: 47-45; Wednesday: 47-46; Thursday: 48-44; Friday: 50-42.

From Gallup:

Obama's current 8-point advantage ties his largest lead of the Gallup Poll Daily tracking program, along with a 50 percent to 42 percent showing in Feb. 28-March 1 polling. Obama clearly has weathered the Wright storm, while the dark clouds have shifted to Clinton over whether she has exaggerated her foreign policy credentials. This week she has had to defend her repeated claim that she came under sniper fire while visiting Bosnia as first lady, which news video clearly disputed.

Obama fans will credit the momentum shift to his speech on race, while cynics may shrug and dub him the new Teflon Man. Whatever the case, this hasn't been Hillary Clinton's best week.

Andrew Leonard

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