A Portfolio interview on "True Enough"

My Skype-based video chat about the stolen election, Lou Dobbs, and Fox News.

By Farhad Manjoo
Published March 28, 2008 5:47PM (EDT)

A little book plug: Jeff Bercovici, the media blogger at Portfolio, interviewed me this week about "True Enough." It was a fun talk, though a little unusual -- Jeff, who's in New York, called me up in San Francsico on Skype, and we chatted using Web cams.

At times -- while discussing such weighty subjects as people's willingness to dismiss academic experts' opinions about the integrity of the 2004 election, and how Lou Dobbs got to be the blowhard he is -- I look a bit spaced out; processing Jeff's probing questions while on camera was a tough act.

But we got into a pretty good talk. Here's the first part, but I hope you'll check out the whole thing at Jeff's blog.

In addition, I appeared on NPR's Talk of the Nation on Tuesday to discuss how rumors are plaguing the 2008 election. Listen to that here.

Farhad Manjoo

Farhad Manjoo is a Salon staff writer and the author of True Enough: Learning to Live in a Post-Fact Society.

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