Hillary Clinton's tough week

While waiting for an Obama stumble, she needs to run a perfect campaign, and she messed up with her Bosnia "memories."

By Joan Walsh
Published March 29, 2008 6:14AM (EDT)

Hillary Clinton's Democratic primary survival strategy depends on Barack Obama, her talented, inspriring but less tested rival, wilting a little now that he's the frontrunner in an extended campaign. And Obama did wilt a bit in March -- he lost key votes in Ohio, Rhode Island and Texas, and the inflammatory remarks of pastor Jeremiah Wright still threatens to limit his broad appeal. I don't think there's anything wrong with Clinton staying in the race, making her pitch for election while banking on a big Obama mistake, however unlikely that may seem.

But the other side of Clinton's strategy has to be perfection: After her stumbles in January and February, she can't afford more mistakes while waiting for Obama's. That's why Clinton had a worse week than Obama did, thanks to her self-described misstatements about coming under sniper fire in Bosnia.

I talk about why this hurts Clinton in my Current video this week:

Joan Walsh

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