McCain camp debuts new Web ad

John McCain's campaign begins to focus on his family history.

By Alex Koppelman
March 31, 2008 7:50PM (UTC)
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John McCain is all about family these days. And he's especially concerned with the part of his family who served in the military.

McCain kicked off his "Service to America" tour Monday -- it's a tour that seems designed to remind voters that McCain is the only one of the three candidates with a military history. As part of that, McCain has been turning to his family background to drive the point home. In a new Web ad (viewable at the bottom of his post) and in a speech he gave Monday, he leaned hard on the theme. In the speech that kicked off his tour, in Meridian, Miss., McCain said:

Many McCains left here as young men to pursue careers in what has long been our family's chosen profession -- the United States armed forces ... We trace my family's martial heritage back to the Revolution. A distant ancestor served on General Washington's staff, and it seems my ancestors fought in most wars in our nation's history. All were soldiers -- both Henry and Bill McCain were West Pointers -- until my grandfather broke family tradition and entered the Naval Academy in 1902. He was succeeded there by my father, then me and then my son.

The new Web ad:

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