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Tuesday: Tune in for the sadistic antics of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay on "Hell's Kitchen." Plus: What did you think of "Retirement Revolution" on Monday?

By Salon Staff
Published April 1, 2008 2:00PM (UTC)
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"Now, we are reawakening the beast, and the dark lord reigns again!" These aren't the opening words to some returning dragon-slaying saga on Sci Fi, they're the introduction to the 4th season of "Hell's Kitchen" (9 p.m. EDT on Fox), a series built around the hotheaded personality of celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay. As usual, we're offered a preview of every explosive moment of the season within the first few seconds of the premiere, with the aspiring chefs in tears as Ramsay throws things and yells, "You ignorant donkey!" and "Shut it down!" and "Get the f*** out!" Yes, today's volatile TV sadist is as popular as the smiling, wisecracking game show drunks of yesteryear.



"Big Ideas for a Small Planet" returns for a second season tonight (9 p.m. EDT on Sundance) with an episode on "Power" that features the search for alternative energy sources. But maybe you'd prefer a little flashy trash from Barbara Walters titled "Live to Be 150 ... Can You Do It?" (more important, do you really want to?) (10 p.m. on ABC). Minnie Drive and Eddie Izzard play hillbilly con artists in the second season of "The Riches" (10 p.m. on FX), while those snotty ladies of "The Real Housewives of New York City" continue to entertain us with their spirited sniping (10 p.m. on Bravo).


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What did you think of "Retirement Revolution" on Monday? Go here to discuss.

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