Step 2 in defining McCain: He's really rich

Progressive Media USA unveils its second spot, emphasizing how McCain came to be very wealthy.

Published April 22, 2008 7:41PM (EDT)

Progressive Media USA unveiled its first television ad of the campaign season last week, noting the striking similarities between John McCain and George W. Bush, down to the word-for-word talking points they share.

This week, PMUSA unveiled its second spot, a Web video that might make it difficult for McCain to accuse anyone of elitism.

As Matt Yglesias put it, "If you're looking for an elitist in the presidential race you might want to look at the super-rich guy who made his fortune by marrying an heiress ... And of course the couple still won't release the part of their tax returns that has all the money on it."

Taking a step back, I'd just add that it appears the efforts to "define" McCain are taking shape -- he's the old, angry, rich Bush clone who frequently gets confused about policy details. Kind of like Grandpa Simpson with Mr. Burns' checkbook.

By Steve Benen

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