"Vote Obama"

Because, really, is there ever such a thing as too many election-themed music videos?

By Alex Koppelman
May 6, 2008 11:39PM (UTC)
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I know that there may not have been much of a clamor in the letters section for a new election-themed music video, but I could feel how badly all of you wanted me to post one. So here's the latest one burning up the Interwebs: The creatively titled "Vote Obama," by Taz Arnold, a rapper who calls himself TI$A.


I do have two additional observations about this -- first, according to the artist's MySpace page, the actual, uncensored lyrics aren't "This is real and not for play" but in fact "Fuck what your momma say." And Barack Obama's campaign must be absolutely in love with that. Second, TI$A is also part of a group called Sa-Ra, and I do have their album, "The Hollywood Recordings." It's actually pretty good. Just throwing that out there.

Alex Koppelman

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