Candidates go a-courtin'

Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are looking to pick up some quick support from superdelegates.

By Alex Koppelman
May 8, 2008 1:00AM (UTC)
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Both Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama are looking to pick up some support from uncommitted superdelegates, and soon. They each have their own different reasons, of course: Clinton needs some good news, and can use every delegate vote she can get at this point. Obama, on the other hand, comes closer to clinching the nomination with every superdelegate he adds to his corner. Obama's superdelegate pickups will also help him increase the perception of inevitability currently surrounding him.

Wednesday is apparently Clinton's day to make her pitch -- she's reportedly using the office of the Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee to meet with some superdelegates. (This despite a story from the Drudge Report, attributed to an unnamed congressional source, that Clinton is "having trouble finding superdelegates who will meet with her.")


Obama, meanwhile, will reportedly be heading back to Washington on Wednesday night to prepare for a round of meetings with uncommitted supers that will happen on Thursday.

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