Obama gracious in N.C. victory

He gives Clinton a win in Indiana that the networks hadn't called yet, and promises the party will come together in November.

By Joan Walsh
May 8, 2008 5:24AM (UTC)
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That was an interesting and excellent speech Barack Obama just gave in North Carolina. He congratulated Hillary Clinton for a win the networks hadn't given her yet in Indiana. And he promised that despite disturbing data in exit polls today, suggesting larger numbers of Clinton and Obama supporters will go for John McCain if their candidate loses, the party will unite behind the Democratic nominee in November. At the end of the speech, he even allowed for the (increasingly unlikely) possibility that the nominee the party would unite around might be Clinton. It was gracious and politically very smart. Obama seems confident again after a bad few weeks.

Stay tuned. We'll have full coverage of both races as the night goes on.

Joan Walsh

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