Obama takes superdelegate lead?

Barack Obama had a big day Friday -- some outlets report that he now has more superdelegate support than Hillary Clinton does.

By Alex Koppelman
May 10, 2008 2:04AM (UTC)
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It has been a very, very good day for Barack Obama. Good enough, in fact, that Time's Mark Halperin is dubbing it "Super Friday" for him. At the moment, he has picked up endorsements from seven superdelegates. And while Hillary Clinton got an endorsement of her own, she also lost one to Obama, so he has netted seven delegates.

The Obama camp has even more reason than just that big score to celebrate with a special happy hour -- according to both the New York Times and ABC News, Obama has now overtaken Clinton and leads her in the two outlets' superdelegate tallies. (A lot of the big media outlets have their own unique tallies; in some, Clinton still leads or is tied with Obama.)

Alex Koppelman

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