New concerns about Women's Voices. Women Vote

West Virginia's secretary of state expresses concern about a mailing sent by a group accused of voter suppression in North Carolina.

By Alex Koppelman
May 12, 2008 7:18PM (UTC)
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Betty Ireland, West Virginia's secretary of state, says she's concerned about a mailing sent recently by a group called Women's Voices. Women Vote with the goal of registering unmarried women to vote in the state. The group is the same one that was recently accused of using voter suppression tactics in North Carolina, presumably with the goal of helping Hillary Clinton in the Democratic primary there, which she lost by a wide margin.

According to the Charleston Daily Mail, Ireland is worried the mailing "might cause confusion." "I do not want registered voters to be confused by this mailing," Ireland said. "If you were already registered to vote, you do not need to re-register."


As you might remember, in my earlier report about the accusations against WVWV, I was skeptical that there was a nefarious motive behind its actions in North Carolina, and said that what had happened there seemed to be a mixture of good intentions, research on the optimum time to register voters and just plain incompetence. These latest complaints only reinforce that conclusion -- as the Politico's Ben Smith writes, "The location and the target -- women in a Clinton state -- does make the notion that this was an effort to confuse Obama voters seem a bit far-fetched."

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