Some thoughts about West Virginia

An Obama supporter lashes out at political allies who've scorned Clinton's white working-class backers. It's worth reading.

By Joan Walsh
May 14, 2008 4:11AM (UTC)
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Hillary Clinton won West Virginia by a big margin, if the exit polls can be believed. She's likely to do something similar in Kentucky next week while losing Oregon. It doesn't look like a game-changer. Barack Obama is almost certain to be the Democratic nominee.

Now the question becomes whether and how he can win over her white working-class supporters. It's been dispiriting to visit some lefty blogs, and as well as some Salon letters threads, and read the contempt and, well, elitism expressed by some (not most) Obama supporters. Dawnt, a Daily Kos diarist, wrote this passionate response on Monday, but I just saw it today. Democrats who care about widening the party's base should read it.


I'll have more when all the results are in.

Joan Walsh

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