Clinton camp splitting over continued campaign

The Wall Street Journal reports that tensions are rising as some advisors tell Hillary Clinton to get out of the race while others counsel her to stay in.

By Alex Koppelman
May 20, 2008 6:31PM (UTC)
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Tuesday's Wall Street Journal takes a look inside Hillary Clinton's campaign, and finds a staff not wholly on board with her decision to stay in the race:

Sen. Clinton is getting hit with conflicting advice from within her own camp. Some of her top strategists are warning that she is injuring her political future by staying in. Others -- notably her husband, former President Bill Clinton, and strategist Mark Penn -- are urging her to remain in the race. She has beaten Sen. Barack Obama in key swing states, they argue.

The Journal also reports that Roger Altman, who served Bill Clinton's administration as a deputy Treasury secretary and has been an outside advisor to Hillary Clinton's campaign, has told her it's time to drop out of the race.


Clinton, however, is still publicly confident in her rationale for staying in. According to the Journal, at a cocktail party she hosted for her financial backers in Washington last week, Clinton said, "I'd get out if I believed he [Sen. Obama] had a better chance to win than I do."

Alex Koppelman

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