Clinton raised $22 million in April

Hillary Clinton's campaign, taking a page out of its rivals book, announced its latest fundraising totals just as Barack Obama went to speak -- but Obama won the money game again last month.

By Katharine Mieszkowski
May 21, 2008 7:03AM (UTC)
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Just as Barack Obama took the stage in Iowa to claim a majority of Democratic delegates, the Clinton campaign released its fundraising numbers for April. Sound familiar? That's because earlier tonight the Obama campaign released its April fundraising numbers just as Clinton took the stage to declare victory in Kentucky.

The bottomline: Clinton raised about $9 million less than Obama, taking in $22 million in April, while Obama raised $31.3 million. In the e-mail announcement, Clinton campaign chairman Terry McAuliffe spun the $22 million total as a vote of confidence in Clinton's continuing candidacy: “Just like Hillary, our supporters continue to fight," he said.

Katharine Mieszkowski

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