Almost all Kentucky precincts in, big victory for Clinton

The results are not yet official, but almost all the votes in Kentucky's Democratic primary have been reported and Hillary Clinton's margin over Barack Obama remains a wide one.

By Alex Koppelman
May 21, 2008 7:52AM (UTC)
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Kentucky is just about done reporting unofficial results from its Democratic primary, and Hillary Clinton's margin of victory there remains large. The state's Web site shows that, as of this post, 99.2 percent of precincts have completed reporting. At this point, Clinton has 65.5 percent of the vote to Barack Obama's 30 percent. An "uncommitted" option garnered 2.5 percent, and former candidate John Edwards, who endorsed Obama last week, got two percent.

In Oregon, meanwhile, only 50 percent of precincts were in as of this post, according to CNN. There, Obama led Clinton, 58-42.

Alex Koppelman

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