McCain campaign seeks supportive blog comments

McCain's Web site asks for help in putting out the day's talking points in the comments section of certain blogs.

Published May 21, 2008 9:30PM (EDT)

All of a sudden, I have even more reason not to trust anything readers say in the comments section here. (I'm kidding. Calm down.) John McCain's campaign, it turns out, is asking McCain's supporters to go to certain blogs and leave comments that pass on the campaign's talking points for the day. They've also created a points system to provide some incentive, the Politico's Jonathan Martin reports.

According to McCain spokesman Brian Rogers, points can also be accumulated for campaign activities and writing letters to the editor, among other things -- it's not clear what they can be redeemed for. The campaign also provides a list of blogs it suggests supporters visit; currently included in "featured blogs" is liberal blogging giant Daily Kos, but there are no other blogs under the site's "liberal" category. The campaign might want to take a closer look at the blogs it recommends: Some don't allow comments.

By Alex Koppelman

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